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"Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man's appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded."

Abraham Lincoln - Former U.S. President



Welcome to Hemp Downunder

Leaf Hemp Downunder takes you on a journey that starts before the 'First Fleet', and flows right through to Nimbin's brazen and bizarre "Mardis-Grass" celebration - and beyond...

It explains the involvement of England, the U.S.A.& China in the emergence of the Aussie hemp revolution, and unravels the confusion between ecological and "illicit psycho-stimulant" issues.

This is a fascinating saga of greed and corruption, with dire ecological implications...

Learn about the Haze of MYSTERY and HYSTERIA surrounding the humble hemp plant!

You will be SHOCKED and SURPRISED at what modern man is doing with Cannabis!

You will GASP in HORROR at brutal Police drug raids on feral, brain-damaged dropouts!

You will be AMAZED at the outrageous annual "smoke-in" rallies, where protestors flagrantly TAUNT the law!

Both a vivid social document and an important ecological statement, Hemp Down Under takes a look at the important issues and the colourful culture surrounding Cannabis Sativa....

Marijuana Border

Leaf Did you know Australia was originally colonized with the intention of setting up a hemp industry?


The culmination of extensive research, Hemp Down Under begins with a glimpse of the "father" of Australian Hemp, "First Fleet" botanist Sir Joseph Banks, and follows the history of hemp use in Australia. It is a journey through a labyrinth of prohibition, hidden agendas, power politics and rampant capitalism.

Here you'll find the facts laid out on the controversial establishment of cannabis prohibition in the U.S.A. - shrouded as it was in secrecy, emotive media debate, cover-ups, and suspicious motives - which resulted in expensive and devisive legislation...

...legislation which Australia blindly mimicked. Collage Bigbiz

Consider the evidence related to a persistent theory: that this was the corrupt outcome of a hidden, profit-driven political agenda, promoted by multinational corporations to gain market dominance, which has impacted negatively on the lives of ordinary people and the ecological health of the planet.

Gain an insight into the rebellious and often hilarious "counter-culture" and its zany, anarchistic imagery.

Learn about the use of ganga as an adjunct to religious practice and spiritual advancement in a wide variety of traditional societies. Be informed about the myths and real dangers in terms of physical, mental and social effects of recreational drug use.

Cannabis Sativa literally means "the useful hemp". A Google search reveals 300 separate hemp products for sale - from clothing, shoes and woven hemp jewelery, to organic cosmetics and oils.

Hemp Downunder shines a light on the many uses of this extraordinary and versatile plant, and how the contrived banning of commercial production has led to disastrous and unnecessary environmental and economic effects across the globe, significantly contributing to the perilous 'Climate Change' crisis.

But its not just the climate that is changing, and a critical mass is forming regarding social attitudes to these important ecological issues. Read about the gradual shift in public feeling towards industrial hemp production, and the fascinating range of new hemp products now available in Australia.

While certainly challenging complacency, this study is not meant to be the judge or jury, rather it's intention is to offer a broad view of the facts and encourage you, the curious reader, to draw your own informed conclusions. At the same time, we've tried to keep it interesting and reveal some of the lighter and more colourful sides to the whole debate and its surrounding culture.

Since the 60s there has been a growing revolution, a Hemp Revolution. Old and new information is being uncovered and discovered every day about the value of this hardy plant.


So take a colourful, informative and light-hearted look at this Aussie Hemp Revolution, and find out what may be in store for us all, in the unfolding millennium...

Hemp Down Under includes a special informative section entitled "The Law and You, Down Under - The Facts ".

DISCLAIMER: The graphic designs and core text were originally created by IByron Bay Interactive (formerly in those days known as Inner Spring Media) in response to a commission. The brief from the client was to develop a themed series of cards to be marketed commercially as a collectable set (in the hope, no doubt, of emulating the commercial success of the banned American import "online hemp" card-set).

Though it was a major Melbourne publishing company with a long track record in diverse publishing that commissioned the work, they ultimately experienced some "commercial pressures"....became uncontactable, and we became creditors....such is the lot of the creative artist! Well, judge for yourself - was it worth the time & effort? I suspect that, though it's a curiosity and a bit of fun, and it proved an enjoyable challenge to work within the genre, I probably should have gone to the beach instead....

The research, text and copyright clearances were originally the work of Peter Kelly (of Hemp Connection and "Cannabis:the Board Game" fame), revised, edited and expanded by ISMedia.

Please understand from the outset - this is meant to be a statement which argues for sustainable ecological and industrial practices, and to serve as a case-study of wide-spread fears concerning the power of "Big Business" to ruthlessly subvert commonsense, the media and legislative processes in the name of profit. In no way should it be taken as a 'pro-drug' document.

Medical issues related to non-industrial (recreational) cannabis use, (especially it's potential effects on the memory, and possible other side-effects such as increased levels of paranoia and depression in the sensitive) are a separate important debate, only touched on herein. These were considered beyond the scope of the project but should be taken seriously by the individual.

Above all, we hope you find Hemp Down Under to be an interesting and surprising story.